I'm leaving my home country for Estonia(probably)

Some of you might remember my previous post of Should I stay, should I go?(home country).

Well, about the job offer, I went through first video meeting and then an interview. They loved me and they want me to join their team as a Japanese specialist. I'm quite happy right now that I created a chance for a better life for me and my wife.

The country I'm going is Estonia by the way.

Yet, I've got only one problem.

I've heard that The Estonian embassy in Turkey sometimes wants to see the amount of 180 euros per day in the bank account until the validity day of the visa for spouse visa applications. So if my wife wants to apply for a two months visa, we need 60x180 euros in our bank account and it is impossible for us due to crazy Turkish lira exchange rate.

Since residence permit process will take time due to high number of applications, we probably will have to apply for a D type visa first. Therefore, we are likely to face such a request.

It's still uncertain whether or not embassy will request it. It looks like they request for some people and don't request for some. I'm so fucking worried with it.

I created a chance for a dream life but have a big wall that is almost impossible to overcome. I have no idea how to overcome this if embassy requests to see that amount of money.

Being a non-EU citizen is so fucking hard when you try to make use of opportunities abroad. Those who were born in EU, you guys should feel so fucking grateful for your luck.

Dozens of obstacles that millions of people have to work hard to overcome for just a minimal/standard life do not even stand in your way. Just because you were born in EU.

It is a really nonsense regulation that it is not enough for them that I already work in Estonia via company invitation and has everything legal. Asking for a guarantee money of 180 euros for each day my wife's presence in Estonia? I already will be working in Estonia with everything legal and just want to bring my spouse so that we can live together. Who the hell spends 180 euros each day in Europe?

Yet, as I said before, it is not certain that they will request it. Maybe they won't request it for us and if they don't, we will be so fucking happy for our new life.

Everything will be clear after this week. So this week is quite critical for me and my wife's future.

If there's anyone reading this from Estonia or around there, feel free to message me. I would love to make friends before my arrival.

I'll write a new post about how things are going later.

Hoşça kalın :)