Getting rid of video games, youtube and mindlessly-scrolling addiction

So I've been able to write anything for awhile on here. After writing about Fuck being productive., I lost my balance for last 3-4 weeks and literally stopped doing anything productive.

What I've done, after coming from work and at weekends, mostly were playing video games, scrolling mindlessly on content medias like reddit, twitter, youtube etc. and just looking for short-term dopamine sources to deal with my boredom.

Well guess what? I hated myself for last 3-4 weeks. I wasn't happy when I focused on just being productive either but it was better because even though it was kinda difficult and maybe even burning out myself, I had the self-esteem for myself as I knew that I was doing something fucking meaningful.

I fucking missed the feeling of struggling while trying to learn, acquire and create something.

As of yesterday, I uninstalled all of my video games and restricted my access to my content media related accounts. I'm going to overcome my feel of boredom and feel of struggle. In the meantime, watching out myself so that I don't burnout. AND I will establish my discipline for blogging again so that I will write here everyday.

I am going to tame neurons in every inch of my brain and make myself enjoy feeling of boredom and struggling. Simply because I've got no other option to acquire the life I want.

This is a journey that doesn't have a final stage and I know I will experience lots of in and outs. As of today, I will focus on doing productive things again like learning coding, writing, reading and staying away from scrolling mindlessly on content-based-medias.

Please bear in mind that every approach works different for each person. These are my unique experiences in my journey and they probably work different for everyone.