Fuck being productive.

Fuck being productive.

I decided to go easy on my self about being "productive".

I'm already working full time from 6:30 to 18:30 everyday and I've got only like 3 hours for myself after work. (Some edit here: Working hours are 07:30-17:30 but transportation takes an hour in the morning and another 90 minutes in the evening so I added them, too. Because those ours are no use to me and it feels like they are not mine.)

I've been trying to be productive in that 3 hours like learning new stuff, studying coding, learning new languages etc but it just is not working because my brain is already kinda dead after hours and hours of translation work all day.

And.. You know... I also need some recreation like playing video games, having time with my wife or friends, reading a book I like or watching stuff.

Until now, I was feeling guilty all the time because I was not able to do anything productive after work and it was eating my brain. I was torturing myself, lol.

The dilemma is that while not doing any productive stuff, I was also not doing any recreation stuff(hobbies etc) either. Because I was feeling so guilty thinking "I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING SOME PRODUCTIVE SHIT INSTEAD OF DOING THIS, THIS IS WRONG!".

But that's enough. I won't do this anymore. Instead, going to listen to my body and soul. We're not robots and we don't have to be productive everyday or all the time.

From now on, at least for awhile, I'm going to try to be sure that I enjoy and have rest in my fucking non-work time.