Trying to maintain my sanity during long working hours

The person whose two days are the same is at a loss. -Someone I don't remember

Everyday in weekdays, I'm leaving home at 06:15 am and arriving home around 07:00 pm. I've like two or three hours before sleep and then, repeat.

In these two or three hours, I try to do reading, learning coding, eating, showering and playing some games, which is(was) my passion, if there is time left.

After being outside for long hours for work, my brain don't function properly in the evenings. Like, I feel languished and exhausted, and can't find energy to do much. That's also why I can't keep up with blogging everday and replying to the e-mails coming from here.

You might say "Don't do anything in those two or three hours. Just have rest for your mind." but If I stop doing what I'm trying to do in my free time right now, I'll turn into a complete robot. So, altough feeling like this after work, I'm pushing myself to do new things everday.

I'm in a seek of a way-out from this situation in my life. Like, looking for jobs abroad -mostly EU and JP- and studying coding by myself. Yet, it is difficult for a language specialist to find a job abroad especially for a third world country citizen. On the other hand, my coding journey pace is really slow due to not having much free time.

To sum up, I'm having quite difficulties with maintaining my sanity and health, creating a roadmap for a standart balanced life and finding opportunities for a better future.

For now, I'll keep going like this as long as I can while making efforts for an exit out of the loop.