Tiredness is contagious

One of the important things I noticed in my work environment is that tiredness is something contagious.

Sometimes, there is no way the work I've been doing can make feel tired. Yet, I've realized that I've been feeling tired for the works I shouldn't feel tired and I've been trying to understand the reason for awhile.

I've come up with a conclusion that it is because everyone around me looks tired and therefore I'm expected to feel/look tired.

As far as I understand, people expect you to feel/look tired after or at work because the work should make us feel tired. Otherwise according to them it might mean that we're not doing any work.

They make that tiredness thing in a way that it transmits towards me, as well. Because, after I see them that they look quite tired, I also feel guilty if I don't feel the same. But I can't do the same pretending thing because somehow it tricks our brain in the end and makes us tired in real even if we shouldn't feel tired.

After noticing this, I'm protecting my awareness and just listening to my inner-real feelings. And believe me, I'm feeling much more better than before. Of course I get tired because of the work but not as much as they exaggerate.

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