Some updates after 3 weeks of my new life in Estonia

3 weeks is over since I came here.

Totally new country, culture and work. Everything from zero.

I'm getting used to my work environment and colleagues. Work life balance is not bad.

Yet I feel so tired after work because there are so many things going on my mind.

I missed the state of mindfulness so much.

Currently I'm staying at a company provided apartment but I need to move into a new apartment because my wife will also come here to live with me but she is not allowed to live with me in the company provided apartment. My budget for rent is around 600 euros max so I hope I can find something nice with at least two rooms.

I still could not discover much around the city as I feel tired and don't have much energy left after work. The reason of tiredness is probably the big changes about everything in my life.

If there is a little energy left, I'm trying to study coding as being a developer my ultimate dream right now. My pace is got so slow tho and I do not know how to solve this problem to make my dream come true.

So if you have any suggestions about how I can power up my energy, I'm totally open to your suggestions. I work 8 hours and a half a day but still feel tired after work.

The things that eating my mind right now:

Other than above, I also want to make at least one close friend while I'm here in Estonia. I hope I can find a like-minded person and create good friendship.

Because I'm tired of friendlessness.