My pursue of art at the age of 28

I started a new life from zero in Estonia 4 months ago.

I kinda got used to my new job. I can not say I am doing it with love, tho. I am aware I can not do this job for a long time. Therefore I've been studying coding to step in development world as it is my dream job(while fighting with damn procrastination problem).

But hey, I found one more beautiful thing to cope with life challenges. : ART

Right now I'm leaning towards fine liner art with ink pens. I got my Micron Sakura set and have been using 00.5mm/0.5mm usually. After learning the fundamentals and being able to draw somethings actually, I also want to learn watercolor as well.

I've seen really nice artists and art works on instagram and reddit. I fall in love with the styles, works, feelings.

So I decided to give it a shot and have been drawing for a month now. I'm a quite noob because all I could draw, up to until now, was just a stick-man.

So I've a fucking long way to go but I enjoy the process and journey. I feel like it reduces my anxiety, takes me away from the things I don't want to remember. Also, the idea of being able to draw cool stuff soon or later is so fucking cool:)

I know I probably won't become a pro but I probably will draw some stuff that will make me happy and I believe that this discovery will be with me for my whole life. So I have probably around 40 years to improve myself:)

Here is some cool artists whose art works I fucking love:

There are lots of others too but the list will be too long:)

I am also using the Drawabox course for learning basics if anyone is interested just like me. Plus the following books:

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to reach out to me.

I've not been posting for over a month to my blog due to heavy procrastination. But I've been trying to earn my discipline back in recent days and I think I got it back now. I will see how long I will be able protect it.