My new life in Estonia starts on September 16th

I've not been writing blog for a while because I was dealing with lots of big changes in my life.

My new workplace in Tallinn, Estonia bought my flight tickets, paid my visa fees, arranged my accommodation all covered by them. So I've been quite busy with packing up my current house for moving out.

I will be flying from Turkey to Estonia on September 16th. After living in Japan for 2.5 years, it is my second big challenge in my life.

Completely new country, new culture, new language and climate. I already started learning Estonian and their culture but I'm aware that I will experience culture shocks no matter what I do. I've no fear tho. I will gladly embrace everything gladly.

Although company allows me to use their accommodation as long as I want, I want to rent my own apartment after 1-2 months because I have to live with a flatmate in their accommodation.

I already started looking for apartments for rent, my budget is around 600 euros and it looks like there are plenty of options which I'm glad.

I want to make lots of network in my new life as I just realized the importance of networking at this age of mine. Until up to my recent years, I always had an approach of depending on only personal skills. I always thought "As long as I have the skills, I don't need networking. My skills will create gates for me." What a fool am I, right?

Yet, I will talk about later how I realized this reality.

I also have been thinking of opening a YouTube channel but I'm not sure what to talk about or whether I will be able to get any audience at all or not. I might talk about my own life as a Japanese language specialist, life in Turkey and Japan and new life preparations for Estonia etc. I still couldn't decide but I'm open to suggestions if you have any.