My goals after 30 days in Estonia - my new life

So it's been a little over 30 days now. I will be moving to my new apartment soon(still searching) and my wife will join me finally.

I missed her so much. Without her I have no interested in joys in life. What is meaning of enjoying something alone, without your beloved one?

I've realized that 1700 EUR net salary is not much in Tallinn. We will be fine but we won't see much difference than we were in Turkey. So I want to increase my income as soon as possible.

Since my working schedule is "work 4 days, rest 2 days" right now, I've much more time than I had in Turkey as I was working 5 days in a week in Turkey.

I am trying to use this free time for my coding journey and trying to get into coding again. I've been away from my coding journey for a couple of months due to lots of big changes in my life but I started again few days ago and have been studying everyday now. For who are asking, I'm studying via The Odin Project but I want to make use of CS50x and Helsinki University course as well.

My first goal is to be a front end developer and getting a job. I will go for full stack later on the road. I want my income to be at least 2000 EUR net in one year and I dedicated myself to it.

After gaining some experience in Estonia, we probably are going to move to Japan for good. After living in Japan, it feels there are lots of things missing in Estonia. We miss Japan so much.

Now we need to settle here for awhile, pay our debts in Turkey, save some money and gain some experience.

What I've been into lately?