My first encounter with church bells in my life:)

Today morning, around 8:58 AM, I was asleep and suddenly started hearing a sound/bell. At first, I thought I was dreaming and then I thought like "is it my alarm or what?". After waking up, checked my phone but it was not my phone - my phone alarm bell was different anyway.

Then, for no reason, I panicked and thought it was an emergency alarm from my apartment or the building and checked everywhere running in my apartment, lol.

I couldn't find anything in the apartment and after calming down a bit, I figured out sound was coming from outside. I opened the window and saw the church close to the my apartment.

It was the Sunday church bell!

I was like, "omg, was that it??". It was my first encounter to the church bell and it almost made me shit in my pants because I thought there was an emergency situation with the apartment - I was really drowsy in the morning:)