My first 3 days in a complete unknown country: Estonia

So some of you probably know that I moved to Estonia to work 3 days ago. I literally know no one, don't know Estonian language and the culture.

My emotions are so weird. For a moment I feel so depressed and lonely thinking wtf I'm doing here? For a moment I feel so happy and lucky thinking I will have a good future.

It is a "you are not allowed to give up" situation for me because there is nothing waiting for me in my home country :)

So my motivation is also my being helpless/despair.

I'm getting the grasp of the job here slowly and I think I will able to keep doing it. Since everything is new and I have been bombardment with information for last 3 days, I feel really really tired mentally. So I'm trying to more exercises to get some balance for my body.

By the way, today my umbrella was stolen at the supermarket Maxima:) I put my umbrella in front of the market because it was wet and I went in market. I got out of the market after 10 mins and my umbrella was gone.

I tried to explain my situation to the staff who does not know any English at all and it didn't work out. Finally I found the security but he told me that he can't help it because the camera looking at that point is not theirs.

I was shocked and just gave up. Bought a new one in the market. So in my 3 days in a new country, I got my umbrella stolen lol.

I have lived in Japan for 2.5 years and I think I thought Estonia is just as safe as Japan :) It looks like I was wrong :)

I probably will be in a cultural shock for a while and my emotions will go down and up. Wish me luck so that I can maintain my mental health in the next one year:)