My first 2 months in Estonia

It's been around two months since I moved to Tallinn. I feel better and am in a better situation overall.

I found my own apartment of three rooms for 550 euros of rent around north of Tallinn. Nice apartment that has a view of the sea and peaceful area.

I'm getting used to my new work more and more everyday. Feeling much more comfortable everyday.

One of things that appreciate most in my new life is that my home 1km away from my work place so my commuting time is only around 14 mins at total in a day :) I live in such a peaceful and clean place. I enjoy being here :)

In my previous job commuting was taking around 2.5 hours each day which was killing my soul.

I didn't give up on my coding studies by the way. I am studying almost everyday and advancing slowly.

One thing I did not like in Estonia is that there is no dental care. The state only covers some symbolic funny part of it. But you are own your own 90%. I was so surprised when I learned about it because it is an EU country.

Even in Turkey we have dental care and even jobless people are allowed to use dental care for free. Lack of a dental care is a big minus but nothing that I can not handle of course.

I'm still trying to understand everything in supermarkets because there are not English text in most of products which is really difficult for expats. I'm surviving thanks to google translate :)

I am doing good overall and settling down slowly. Until summer, I want to pay all of my debts in my home country and want to get a motorbike around 2000 euros of budget. One of my dreams is to travel through countryside road with a touring motorbike :)