Let me introduce my lovely cat the Bonibon

Today, I wanted to introduce my daughter, Bonibon. I had a habit of feeding feeding stray cats where I lived few years ago and I found her outside when she was like 2 months old. When she saw me, she just constantly followed me in the feeding area. It is like we made a connection instantly and I just put her in my pocket and brought home, adopted her.


It was big and unique moment because I was taking full responsibility of a creature who feels, wants to feel safe, has emotions. And she is going to be under my full responsibility for whole life.

So I was quite nervous at first because I was like "what if feed her wrong? what if she gets sick? what if get out of money and can't feed or take care of her?" bla bla...

It literally became my daughter.. It just worked out naturally and we had a great connection :)

She was so vulnerable and funny at first :) P1000312


She grow up into a beautiful smart lady and she is just smart, funny and elegant living being :)




She loves to wake up in the middle of night, coming to me and just likes massaging with her paws while "murrrrrrrr"ing. <3

She is like 3 years old right now and just hilarious.


She really loves watching outside all day everyday. One of her favorite activities is to watch and observe flying birds. She actually memorized the time when the birds come in the morning, when they leave etc. She never skips doing it and is always on exact time waiting at the window for them every day.



By the way she has a special hat that knitted by her own hair:)



She actually has a brother now. We adopted another stray cat which is white like a snow. Yet, I will tell about him later.

I will do whatever I can do to make her live long.