Today I've lost all hope for my country Turkey

I feel lost, drifting and vanishing in space.

We couldn't win the elections yesterday. The party in power also couldn't win because no one could get at least %50+1 of the majority currently so there will be a second election on May 28th.

To be honest, I lost my hope because brain-washed majority will probably will vote for AKP(current party in power). We got fucking poor, education is dead, it's like we don't have borders because current government letting all the refugees and fugitives in to get money from Europe, extreme rightists-islamists are rising in power, power of law is vanishing.

I can't let myself and my wife live in a country like this. It became very dangerous country especially for women.

For fuck's sake, most of the destroyed buildings in last earthquake are due to the government's failure to building inspections due to corruption and dozens of people died under ruins. And guess what, the majority of people around earthquake area also voted for the AKP party.

They voted for the party responsible for their deaths!

Anyway, there is no end in complaining about what they did to our country and I just give up.

My current skills are translating between Japanese, Turkish and English with solid communication skills. Also have beginner-mid level front end coding skills of HTML, CSS and JS. I have no idea if I can get out of here with these skills tho.

For now I just am going to focus on developing my skills so that in the future I might get out of here with my wife. Because that's all I can do right now.

There are few things as painful and frustrating as not being able to change where you are and not being able to leave. Just because we were born here, we have no choice but to experience all this fucking series of nonsense.

Thanks to this fucking government, I need to have savings of at least twenty thousand dollars just to be able to leave the country. Because Turkish passport power is like dead right now and European countries want to see lots of savings to issue the visa.

Twenty thousand dollars are equivalent to my 20 months' salary at the moment...


Fuck it..

Geographical destiny is just so fucking annoying..