Islamists won the election in Turkey and I feel devastated.

I'm so fucking sad and frustrated.

So maybe some of you might remember that elections in Turkey went to second round today because no one could get at least 50% of the votes in the first round which was two weeks ago.

I'm so sad that the Republic of Turkey, my beloved country, had a counter-revolution from Islamists.

Well, Erdogan got around 52% today and won the elections. It means that Turkey will become more Islamic which means it will be a very dangerous and difficult place to live for everyone, especially women and children.

I can't describe you how painful it is to watch your beloved country slip away from you without being able to do anything.

Economy will go worse everyday and we will have to deal with dozens of refugees, illegal immigrants -most of them are young men between 20 and 30-.

Law and the separation of powers will be ignored more and more every day. We will have to fight really hard for our most basic rights.

It is very difficult to fight against ignorance and cunning. Reason, logic and rationality are completely useless against them.

I am going to look for abroad opportunities for my and my wife's future. I don't feel like I belong to this country anymore. What is more is that it has become a dangerous place for dissidents to live in.

I don't see a future here anymore.

I have around three options for abroad. As a Japanese-English-Turkish translator/interpreter, customer service, a super junior front end developer or a worker.

I'll see what I can do to get out of this hell.