I saw the northern lights first time from my window

One of my dreams was to see northern lights around Finland or Norway. Tonight while I was reading some articles on my laptop near my window, I noticed something different in the sky. After 5 seconds, I noticed it was the northern lights! Wow.

I got emotional actually. It came to me in such an unexpected time and place. I saw it from my apartment's window!

But my dream is not completed yet. My full dream about northern lights is to do camping under northern lights actually. In the forest and in the middle of nowhere. I did lots of camping during my university years in Türkiye and I'm in love with camping in the wild.

So I still am going to fulfill my this dream and see it one more time while camping:)

Here a photo I took quickly with my iPhone 13 mini. Since I don't really know much about photography, I'm aware it is not the best photo but it is the best I could do in that moment. from my window:')