I never thought I would stop playing video games

Is this what growing up is like? Fuck it.

I remember myself saying that "I would never stop playing video games! I'm gonna play video games with my grandchildren!"

For like last 2 years, I don't feel like I enjoy them anymore. Sometimes I play Generals Zero Hour, but I don't feel I enjoy it as much as I used to. I want to enjoy them, tho. Because it is like I have lost what I enjoy in life and I don't like it.

My most beloved favorite games are C&C Generals Zero Hour, AoE2, Stronghold Crusader HD, BFME2, Factorio, Minecraft, Rimworld, EU4, Valheim and Satisfactory.

Recently, mostly I have been reading on reddit, hackernews and some other blogs hoping that I would find something to enjoy that is affordable.

Yet, I am going to try to give those games a chance every now then and see if my gaming appetite is back or not.

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