I got rid of social media addiction

Well... partly...

So after getting a job, my free time shrinked a lot. In that little time left in the end of day, I was wasting my time via youtube, twitter, instagram and some other platforms equivalent to reddit or hackernews in my mother language.

I realized that I didn't have any output thoughts. I was just constantly consuming without even knowing what I was consuming. As soon as I wake up, in the toilet, while going the work I was checking social media platforms. I wasn't letting myself to feel boredom.

So, I just have deleted the twitter and instagram from my phone 2 months ago.

I am social-media-sober for 2 months!

Believe me, it fucking helps!

My focus and memory power increased quite a lot. Although, technically, there is no difference in time left. I feel like I've got more time than before. Twitter, instagram and youtube are like black holes eating our time.

Now, I only check reddit and hackernews on daily basis but only the topics I filtered. For youtube, I only use it if I want to look for some specific topic. I completely stopped endless scrolling that was killing my mind.

From now on, what I consume for my mind will be in my self-control with a strong awareness. I am not going to make my mind turn into a information-dump.

#focus #productivity #thoughts