How you guys are productive after work?

Literally, how?

I mean, I come home like around 19:15 everyday and the time is already 20:00 when I finish my meal. I have to wake up 06:00 everyday to go to work so I'm trying to sleep 22:00 every night in order to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Which means I only have 2 hours of free time after work in weekdays.

The problem is that I want to learn lots of things but don't have much time. I want to get rid of this situation, so I have started self-studying web development so that I can have a better work environment and free time when I land a job in development field.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a translator but I don't like the fact that I only have 2 hours of free time in a day. What am I supposed to do in that fucking 2 hours? Rest? Study some coding? Learning a language? Reading book or manga? Spending some time with my wife? Playing some video games? I mean, I love and want doing these things so I have been feeling missing without doing them. I don't wanna live a restricted life like this.

My hands are completely tied for now but I'm gonna do my best to build some inner discipline and change my life using only that 2 hours in week days and some more time in week ends.

I know consistency is the key for everything we learn. That's why discipline is quite important when we study anything. I will try to spend at least 1 hours for web development with high concentration in week days.

By the way I'm using the The Odin Project as my curriculum. It is difficult for me since I don't have CS related background. I will embrace the learning curve and all that pain for my future, because I have no other fucking choice but to work hard.

See you until next time!