How it is like living in turkey as of 2023

Turks have to make effort 20 times much more than the people in Europe, Japan or US to reach the equivalent level of wealth.

Due to corrupted government of 20 years and the refugee problem we've been dealing with for over 10 years, I can clearly say that we are totally fucked up.

What about getting abroad?

You might say that If you don't like there, get out of the country. But getting out of the Turkey as a Turkish citizen is so fucking difficult due to visa procedures and cheap Turkish lira. If you don't have enough money in your bank account before going Europe or US, our application will be most likely rejected.

We still have some hope tho.

We have elections on May 14th 2023 and there is a high chance that we will get rid of this Islamist, corrupted government and bring back the old secular Republic of Turkey that values law, science, freedom and interests of it's people.

If we lose this election, too, I am going to look for a way to leave my beloved homeland and seek a new life in abroad for my and wife's future. Although I love my country, I had enough with this nonsense of corruptness. I don't want to lose my mental health.

So, those who live in US, EU or Japan, you guys should feel thankful to universe that you weren't born in a country where religious powers in control:)

I will update this post after the elections. :)

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