Finally I understood the importance of the "less is more" approach

I've been moving to another new city every in 3-4 years since my childhood due to my dad's job. Believe me, it is so fucking tiring to packing your all shit and move to another new city in few days.

As I'm moving out from my current apartment in Turkey, I'm trying to sell my big furnitures and appliances but it is so fucking difficult to sell them in reasonable prices. Most of the guys offer to buy it at 70% cheaper price of a 3 months old furniture or household appliances. This situation put me in big stress and giving me lots of headache as I have to sell them so damn cheap because I have to get them out of the apartment quickly.

Since I'm gonna move to Estonia soon, I decided to reduce all my belongings to a level where my belongings won't be a headache for me. Started reading on reddit about fitting everything you have into a 40-50L backpack or a medium size luggage.

I just want to be lightweight and free as a bird. The more you have in your life, the more you are chained by them. I will be reading about this topic for a while now and reduce my belongings to a minimal level to be lightweight and free.