Embracing the risk of my life

Some of you might know from my previous posts that I got an offer from a company in Estonia and leaving my job in Turkey.

Since I work at a foreign(Japanese) company in Turkey right now, salary is a bit better than most of the companies in Turkey. But I know that that is not enough at all and it is almost impossible to buy a simple house or a car. I can't even do my hobbies. Everything is so fucking expensive.

So I'm not happy with my job in Turkey due to low salary, low purchasing power, socio-cultural degeneration, lack of safety and difficulty in accessing clean food. I can count tons of stuff like this.

I know that I live in better condition than 70 percent of people in Turkey. Saying that, since the poverty rate went too high in recent years, that percentage doesn't mean much to me.

So where's the risk?

The first 4 months in Estonia will be probation period. So there's a chance that they might not like me and might decide not to keep going with me.

Well my friends, if that happens, I will be fucked up. :)

In that case I probably will have to return to Turkey and won't be able to find a job again. I also have no savings at all. So yeah... A big darkness will be waiting to swallow me if I fail in Europe:)

All in or nothing situation.

Of course I'm just talking about probabilities but I feel like I have to calculate even %5 chance of failure.

I definitely don't want to return to Turkey. So I'm going to work my ass off doing my best of the best.

To decrease the any chance of failure in Estonia, I already have started learning Estonian since few days and actually loving it. To be able to get through a culture, we have to acquire the language first. I'm hoping that it would help me making networks easily and being adapted to the culture faster.

One thing I'm quite happy about is that Estonian is also agglutinative and phonetic language just like my mother language Turkish. So I will be able to learn it slightly easier than Indo European languages:)