At age of 27, I finally got to enjoy dancing

Until recently, dancing was an embarrassing and boring thing to me. There was no way I would dance in front of people. Deep somewhere inside myself, I was envying those who enjoy dancing but I just couldn't think myself dancing at all.

It was just not for me.

Yet, up to until recent years, I slowly started dancing when I'm alone. Like, while listening Imagine Dragons, Blackpink, Michael Jackson and some hiphop songs.

I was just letting myself in the flow and doing non-meaningful body moves. If anyone would see me like that, they probably would die due to cringe feeling, lol. Anyway, after some point, I was like "Fuck, this shit is fun!".

And I kept dancing when I'm alone only. I started watching lots of videos and I started enjoying watching dancing people a lot, too!

Recently, I started dancing in front my wife, too. And guess what, we're having so much fun. To her, she discovered my another hidden side and has been enjoying this new me.

Couple of days ago, I fucking twerked to my wife and we laughed to death for that, lol. It might be so normal for most of you guys but for someone who grow up in a conservative society, it might not be that easy for a man to overcome this kind of cultural things as dancing is considered to be feminine only thing.

Yet I must say that I've no problems with being feminine or not. It is just about how people around you look at you.

I'm so glad I successfully broke one more of my shells and got one step closer for my self-realization and ultimate freedom.

I no longer want to be the guy who can't do the things he loves in front of other people just because he's shy.

I want to be the guy who can even twerk in front of all his friends without being shy or feeling any embarrassment because it is just fucking fun.

Recently, I'm like a walking-dance-machine at the home all day and it has quite nice impacts to my life:)