Am I where I want to be right now?


To summarize, I majored Japanese Language Education in university and went to Japan three times, living there 2.5 years at total. Since I went there via MEXT scholarship and it was an academic program, soon I started hating there because I hated academy. I mean, who likes academy? It is full of hypocrisy and boring damn rules.

Eventually, although I loved Japan, I decided to quit the scholarship and got back to my home country, Turkey, started working as a Japanese translator here.

But I am not where I want to be right now as my dream is to work as a developer abroad. Preferably in Japan or Europe. Why I want to leave my country? Because everything is out of control here. The economy, safety, safe food, future, poverty and so on. Unfortunately I have no power to fix these things by myself and they are devastating my soul. So, simply, I don't really have much choice If I want to live a standard normal life.

So that's why I'm trying to self-study web development out of my work time. Saying that, I'm having difficulties to stick with my discipline because I only have 2.5 hours free time after work in weekdays.

I hope that writing on this blog is going to help me build my self-discipline, restore my focus and record my thoughts on my journey.

I am going to try write on this blog for the next 100 days and I'll make what's in my head clearly visible to me.

So I have no choice but to study/work like an ant in order to accomplish what I want - a normal life where I won't have to think 100 times before buying basic needs in 21th century.

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